Lost and Found in New Mexico

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Refreshing your memory...

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Survival kit supplies: Even in the summer, a jacket with a hood, nonperishable food, water, lighter (parents should decide if a child is old enough to carry this), a whistle, ziplock baggie, bright colored flagging tape, black trash bag, foiled covered cardboard for a signal mirror.
Carry this in your pocket or a small fanny pack or backpack.
If you think you are lost, Stay where you are, close to a road or trail if possible.
If you keep walking it takes us longer to find you.
Tell someone where you are going. DO NOT rely on cellphones(or family radios)!
There aren't always signals!
Make sure your children know that it is okay to talk to strangers when they are lost, especially if they are calling their name. Tell them not to hide! If a person is dressed like a search and rescue person (helmet, headlamps, whistles, backpacks, etc), they are looking for you. Find shelter and make a little spot to rest in.
Only leave the shelter for: getting water,
going to the bathroom, if you hear an aircraft or if you hear searchers.
Learn to make a snow angel (even in the summer) so an aircraft can spot you easier.
(Lay on your back and move your arms and legs in and out).
The sound of a whistle is louder than your voice. Use it often esp. if you hear people.
Stay warm and dry. Drink water as often as you can. STAY PUT!!!
We will find you and much more quickly!

The wilderness is fun! It's an exciting area with lots of places to explore.
Just use your brain and think about what you are doing, where you are going
and if other people are with you, keep an eye on them as well.


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