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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why evacuation orders should be heeded!

This in from MSNBC:
Game wardens and other emergency workers used boats, airboats and helicopters to try to rescue about 600 people who defied evacuation orders and stayed behind only to be trapped by floods in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun country, in Abbeville, Pecan Island and Lafitte. Several were plucked from the rooftops of their submerged homes.
High winds continued to push high water inland, making rescue attempts by boat or helicopter perilous, Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillan said.
“We’re risking lives to save their lives when they had an opportunity to leave,” he said.

I think that says it all!


  • Hi Kitty

    Nice Blog.
    Katrina & Rita left an impression, but we're more prone to observe than "learn" our lessions.

    I suspect a Tsunami in my area would have similar results.

    I'm NWWSAR Blog editor

    I'm responding to your comment on my Blog (NWWSAR. Sorry I'm so slow, but I'm working CCSOSARP's 2006 Training program ( I'm Training officer, as well as techno-geek)

    Always interested in other SAR team experiences. I bumped into a fellow in SAR in NM (Los Alamos)by email. He's has experimented with the Rino GPS's we're testing. His name is Bob Cowan.

    my email is stingraygs@att.net

    By Blogger NW Wilderness SAR, at 8:43 PM  

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